Contact Federal Defender Office

Once the Federal Defender Office is appointed, you may call the office within 24 hours at (313) 967-5542 to find out the name of the attorney assigned to a case. The attorney who provides assistance at the initial court appearance may not be the attorney assigned to the case. The case may be assigned to another attorney within the office or to a private attorney on the CJA Panel Attorney Program.

Detroit Office

Phone Numbers:
Voice: 313-967-5542
FAX: 313-962-0685
Federal Defender Office
5th Floor
613 Abbott
Detroit, MI 48226
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Flint Office

Phone Numbers:
Voice: 810-232-3600
FAX: 810-232-9434
Federal Defender Office
111 E. Court St.
Suite L-100
Flint, MI 48502
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